Call for Papers

SAASE 2021 is now accepting manuscript submissions. prospective authors are invited to submit their draft paper. The topics of inetest are included below, but not limited to:
SAASE 2021现已开启征文通道,作者可通过电子投稿系统或会议邮箱提交稿件。征文主题包括但不限于:

Adaptive control  Ionospheric Techniques 
Advanced modulation theory  Materials & Structures
Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics Meteorological Radar 
Aeronautical engineering  MIMO radar moving target detection 
Aerospace & electronics systems  Modeling & Simulation
Aircraft Navigation  MTI radar 
Antennas  Multi-spacecraft imaging systems 
Astrodynamics & Orbital Mechanics Nano & Micro satellites designs 
Astronomical Image processing  Nanosatellites networking 
Atmospheric Measurement  Navigation services 
Attitude maneuver control  NLOS communications 
Autonomous flight control  Nonlinear approach to tracking problem 
Avionics & Radars Novel satellite-enabled services 
Ballistic tracking  Object Detection 
Bistatic SAR processing  Optimal control problems 
Communications techniques  propulsion & Power
Computer Engineering Radar Detection & imaging 
Control design  Radar Signal processing 
Convex parameterization  Rocket 
Detection in non-gaussian distribution environment  SAR imaging 
Doppler signature classifications  Satellite architecture 
Earth terminal systems  Satellite Ground Stations 
Emerging Technologies Satellite Navigation 
Estimation & detection theory  Satellite payload 
Estimation for guidance, navigation & control of an aerial vehicle  Satellite subsystems & components 
Finite elements  Sensing & sensor technologies 
Geophysical Image Processing  Sensor platform & network 
Geoscience & remote sensing  Space communications 
GPS multipath  Spacecraft and launch vehicle 
Ground Support System  Stochastic control systems 
Guidance, Navigation & Control Synthetic aperture radar technology 
Hydraulics & Fluid Power Systems Telemetry 
Image analysis  UAV & satellite communications 
Image Recognition  UAV & small planes platforms 
Interactivity via satellite  Ultrawideband SAR 
Interference cancellation  Variable structure control 
Interference Suppression 
Intersatellite links 
Intrapulse radar 


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